Project Gallery: Voluntary Crowdsourcing / Social Computing Applications

Students worked on a semester-long design project, in which they designed and built a crowdsourcing / social computing application that involves a VOLUNTARY OR INTRINSICALLY MOTIVATED CROWD. This poses interesting and unique design challenges in terms of task design, incentive design, and quality control.

Nine student teams came up with creative designs, and this page gives a snippet of their design process.


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Members: Minhan Bae, Jonghyeok Shin, Jeongwon Kim

Discussing online is difficult in today's internet-connected society due to lack of motivation and malicious behavior such as personal attacks. We introduce HDR, a discussion platform that enables active and focused discussion through a rating system evaluated by users. HDR stands out from other discussion platforms with its user-driven relative tier system, where the ratings given by fellow users directly impact the author's tier.

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Members: Chaemin Jang, Hyunjae Lee, Jinhyeong Lee

People face difficulties keeping self promises because there are no visible penalty, no social responsibility, and no external motivation. We are going to address this problem by forming teams of users with similar goals and interests to build social responsibility, common ground, and will provide visible penalty and external motivation to users to help achieve their goals through competition. Specifically, we use a social credit system and team versus team system to do so.

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Members: Camilla Paola Bianca Andiloro, Tobias Rødahl Thingnes, Markus Regaardh

CrossCheck aims to address the challenge of fake and misleading information spreading in news articles by providing a tool that lets people share their research and observations with others. The CrossCheck browser extension allows users to highlight sections of articles that warrant discussion, to post comments and sources on highlighted sections, and to upvote and downvote user-contributed content. CrossCheck expands on the idea behind by adopting Wikipedia’s philosophy of allowing anyone to contribute, making the entire world your partner when you do your own research!



Members: Jenna Gudehege, Tom Chapard

People who want to help with environmental issues in their local areas need to communicate and address these issues, exchange ideas and find small-scale local solutions to improve on those issues in their area so we offer a forum-type platform where the user can interact with others by discussing local environmental issues, sharing tips or even create in-person events and advertise them. Our forum platform sets itself apart from others by incorporating user locations and facilitating connections with other people in the user’s vicinity. This encourages interactions with people nearby, fostering in-person meetings through organized events and promoting connections with like-minded individuals.

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Social Buddies

Members: Lwam Araya, Shahnoza Yadgarova, Yersultan Doszhan

We are building a mobile application that aims to match the most compatible roommates based on their lifestyle habits and preferences. We are creating a lifestyle survey of 10 questions that assess the habits of a user; meanwhile we also ask consecutive questions about what kind of roommate they wish to have (Preferences Survey) which is further used in the matching algorithm. It is a unique approach to access each users and their needs to find different roommate matches with percentage of how compatible they are, including their roommate personally type called Roomie (fully customised and created by our team).

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Members: Minwoo Song, Seung Chan Hwang, Soonhyun Kwon

Daejeon is considered “not fun”, even though there are lots of hidden hot places that people don’t know. As a solution, we provide a map platform 'HotMap', which allows users to share hot places that they know, and recommend them. Unlike other map services, we display a heat map weighted to the number of times people recommended, and also a community for each places that can share up-to-date news such as whether they are open or not, or leave a record that they visited.

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Members: Jaehee Lee, Heechan Lee, Yokyung Lee

Job interview candidates, particularly new graduates, often express dissatisfaction with the limited resources available for the stressful interview preparation. While mock interviews, mentors, and study groups are valuable, the variability and quantity of materials remain insufficient. Furthermore, standing out in a competitive job market is crucial, yet there's a lack of reference samples for comparative evaluation. InterviewLee, a crowdsourcing platform, attempts to solve this issue by collecting and offering sufficient and high-quality interview questions and feedback. Also, InterviewLee attempts to incentivize the users who feel demotivated along the exhausting journey with gamification elements. Gamification also motivates users to not just respond to questions for their individual benefit, but post questions too.

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Members: Jun Yeong Hwang, Dong Won Shin, Eyo Kai Wen Kevin

International students may face challenges in forming cross-cultural connections and immersing themselves in Korean culture. Konnect is a social web platform to facilitate forming of connections between international and local students. We integrate multiple features designed to bridge the gap between them, such as connecting based on similar interests and language exchange, cultural event hosting by locals and quizzes to learn about Korea.

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Members: Jinhoo Kim, Kwonwoo Lyu, Chanyoung Kim, Seonghyun Yang

Unexpectedly overcrowded places, outdated information, or missing requirements give visitors unpleasant experiences. Our application Certaflow aims to solve this problem by providing the most reliable and authentic details about the place to future visitors through real-time display of congestion level, live discussions via place-specific live chat feature, as well as collection of real tips from actual visitors. Our system is unique in a sense that we focus on providing visitors with dynamic information in advance which was normally acquired only if people were physically visiting the place.

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